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4 Things I Learned About Wedding Planning In The First Month Of Engagement

So this happened last month...

And then I went MIA on the blog for a bit. Sorry about that! It's insane what a whirlwind the first few weeks are after he pops the question. One minute you're trying to mentally process that he's on his knee, and the next minute people are asking if you've set a date. Like literally the very next moment. I can't tell you how many people asked me when we were going to get married that first 24 hours after becoming engaged.

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Five Lessons Learned in 2015

It's the time of year for making resolutions. It's everywhere. Lose weight, be happy, dare to do something new. But 2016 is something's the year I turn 30. And 30 comes with some pretty hefty self-reflection. So before I can think forward, I'm going to hold off on all the resolution talk for now and reflect on what I've learned this past year.

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