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Spring Blush Buys

Well, since April began we've seen both 60+ degree days and snow...a lot of snow. Seriously, Chicago, let's get it together. For the sake of this post, I'm just going to pretend it's spring and time to pop a little color on my cheeks. The sun has to stick around at some point, right?

Spoiler alert, I'm feeling the liquid blushes right now. I just like how weightless they feel. You can always apply a translucent powder on top if you're feeling a little shiny (should it ever stop being 35 degrees outside).

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Hot Buys From The Drugstore

Saving money is a common theme as we move into the new year, so it's no surprise that this time of year boasts a ton of new drugstore makeup launches.  And there's some really good stuff out there! The drugstore used to be a source of generic, basic beauty pieces, but things have really evolved. We've said "goodbye" to the days of generic and "hello" to contour kits, setting sprays, and shadow palettes at an amazing price point.

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