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4 Questions You'll Want To Ask Your Wedding Vendors Before The Big Day

Well, we got MARRIED! And everything they say is 100% went by in a snap, it felt perfect even though a few things fell out of place, and it was more amazing than anything we ever could have imagined. Sappy, but true.

And you know what else is true? Wedding planning is overwhelming and crazy stressful at times. Enter Etsy...simultaneously both the greatest and most evil thing to ever happen to brides. I just couldn't stop buying things off this website. It had control over me. As much as I tried, it sucked me in, and there was always something else that I absolutely needed. (Side note, some of these items that I absolutely needed got lost on the big day, never made their way to the party, and yet everything was still perfect. True story.)

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4 Things I Learned About Wedding Planning In The First Month Of Engagement

So this happened last month...

And then I went MIA on the blog for a bit. Sorry about that! It's insane what a whirlwind the first few weeks are after he pops the question. One minute you're trying to mentally process that he's on his knee, and the next minute people are asking if you've set a date. Like literally the very next moment. I can't tell you how many people asked me when we were going to get married that first 24 hours after becoming engaged.

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