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Splurge vs. Steal: Wedding Season

It may feel like summer is nearly over, but that doesn't mean wedding season is past us! Anyone else need two hands to count the number of wedding invites on their fridge? All this celebrating is a ton of fun, but it can really start to add up. Let's just say, I've "earned" myself an embarrassing amount of Nordstrom Notes this summer. Whoops!

That's why I was super excited to find a few "steals" that fit the bill for any wedding backdrop. You can never go wrong with classic black lace and delicate details. And these sandals with the little bows! Try and snag them while they're still on sale...

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Honeymoon in Italy: Recap & Reviews

How has it been a month since the wedding?! Time is really flying, and we're working on slowly easing ourselves back into "normal" life. We learned a whole lot in the process of planning our wedding (read more about that here), and we really lucked out with the fantastic travel agency we found to help plan our Italian honeymoon.

Tip: We left for Italy a few days after the wedding. I highly recommend giving yourself at least a full day between out-of-town guests departing and jet-setting off to paradise. You are going to need time to recharge and repack after the craziness of the wedding weekend.

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4 Questions You'll Want To Ask Your Wedding Vendors Before The Big Day

Well, we got MARRIED! And everything they say is 100% went by in a snap, it felt perfect even though a few things fell out of place, and it was more amazing than anything we ever could have imagined. Sappy, but true.

And you know what else is true? Wedding planning is overwhelming and crazy stressful at times. Enter Etsy...simultaneously both the greatest and most evil thing to ever happen to brides. I just couldn't stop buying things off this website. It had control over me. As much as I tried, it sucked me in, and there was always something else that I absolutely needed. (Side note, some of these items that I absolutely needed got lost on the big day, never made their way to the party, and yet everything was still perfect. True story.)

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