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Wish List: Chic Travel Essentials

For me, the past two months have looked like MDW > SEA > MDW > EWR > MDW > ORD > LAX > ORD > MDW > CVG > MDW > ORD > BUF > ORD... phew! All this travel has me eyeing a few accessories that make packing and flying so much easier.

QuietComfort® 35 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Bluetooth® Headphones II - Ok, so this one is a bit of a splurge and a total wish list item, but once you try these headphones you won't be able to travel the same way again. My husband has these, and I'm always super jealous of him when we fly. You don't realize how loud airplane sounds really are until you have these babies to tune them out.

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What's In Your Travel Makeup Bag?

Well, it's December (how did that happen?) which means the office is about to clear out for a few weeks, and holiday travel is in full gear. When it comes to travel, multitasking beauty products are golden. One of the easiest ways to save precious carry-on space is to combine skincare and makeup in one, like with an SPF/foundation combo (yes, you absolutely still need to wear sunscreen in the winter), or an anti-aging eye-treatment/primer combo (Urban Decay makes a great one).

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