Spring Cleaning: Beauty Edition

Maybe I'm just hopeful for warmer weather, but I got a jump start on spring cleaning this weekend. While sorting through my skincare and makeup collection, I realized that I have a lot of stuff that's been sitting around for way too long. Think about it... when was the last time you threw away expired products?

Here's a big hint: You know that little symbol on the back of all your beauty products that looks like an open jar? You probably didn't even realize it was there. That's the PAO (period after opening) symbol, and it tells you the number of months to keep that particular product around after it's unsealed. Keep in mind, if you're using greener products without preservatives, you are going to need to clean out your stash more regularly. And make sure you NEVER store your beauty products in the sun.


Looking for a rough rule of thumb? I put together this handy chart to get you going on your own beauty spring cleaning sesh. And the best part? Once you shed the old stuff, you have room to experiment with brand new products!

Happy cleaning!


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