Post-Vacay Skin Fix

As if buying a new home wasn't enough for one month (more on that in a future post!), I went to Mexico two weeks ago with some girlfriends for a much needed vacation. The weather was perfect, and the piña coladas were even better, but after a week of eating fried foods, drinking sugary goodness, and sweating in the heat, my skin looked like it could use a vacation of its own.


When I got home, I quickly pulled my skincare routine into gear. Two staples that I talk about over and over on the blog are the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and the Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Transformation Gel. No surprise, they were absolutely part of my post-vacay fix, but I also threw a few things into rotation that I've never mentioned before.


The first thing I did was use the PanOxyl Daily Control Acne Creamy Wash. There's nothing glamorous about this face doesn't have any crazy marketing or fancy celebrity endorsements. I discovered it because benzoyl peroxide is the only thing that really works for me right now when it comes to acne, but my skin is too sensitive to use most of the formulas out there. However, this face wash contains only 4% benzoyl peroxide, rather than the 5-10% that you'll find in most products, so I never experience redness after using it. They changed the formula recently (it's more runny than it was before), but I'm on my second tube, and it seems to work just as well. I usually massage this around my face and let it sit for 60 seconds like a mini-mask before rinsing it off.


The next product I put in rotation was the Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream. Jan Marini sent this for me to try, and I was so freaking excited when it came in the mail. You know when you smell something and it takes you back to a different place and time? That's exactly what this cream does for me. Back when I first moved to Chicago, I used to get facials from an esthetician who used Jan Marini products exclusively. I always loved the way my face looked after leaving her office, but I never tried Jan Marini products at home. Every time I smell this face cream, it takes me right back to that esthetician's chair 10 years ago. My husband even commented one night on how nice it smells. I don't think the formula is hydrating enough for those with super dry skin, but it does wonders at fighting free radical damage (hello, Mexican sunshine). It also absorbs quickly, making it a great option in the morning if you want to wear it under makeup. And to top things off, it's paraban and sulfate free.

A few weeks with this routine, and my skin is back on track. What are your problem-skin go-to's?


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