Life Lately: We're Homeowners!

Hey guys, remember me? I actually started writing this blog post on March 10th, and it has somehow taken me two months to finish. TWO MONTHS! You know why? Because we're homeowners!

I had no idea how much time, energy, and mental capacity buying a our first home would take up. It's crazy how something can be the cause of so much excitement and so much anxiety at the same time. Welcome to adulting, I guess. But my friend Lindsey Richardson, from Dream Town's Richardson Kelly Chicago Real Estate, helped us find the perfect place, and the process really could not have been easier.


So here we are, three weeks into actually living in the new place, and the truth is we are no where near unpacked. All those people with pictures of pristine homes on Instagram a week after moving are insane, or liars, or both. 😉 We've also realized that we have so much to learn about homeownership. Please send all your tips and tricks my way!

And you know what's funny? Taking a step back to realize how I'm spending a majority of my time. For example, we spent only 20 minutes picking out a new washer and dryer and even less time picking out a new TV, but I'm on week 3 of picking out new throw pillows and can't make a decision to save my life. Oh, and arranging (and rearranging) decor on the living room shelves has become part of my new nightly routine. Someday I will actually get pictures to fill the frames.


For those who were following along on my Instagram Stories and have asked which shade of gray paint we ended up picking... drumroll... we went with Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray (AC-25) with an eggshell finish. I LOVE how it turned out! Proper photos to come. You know, once we actually get all the boxes out of the way.

Now that I'm back to the blog, I'm really excited to get rolling on new posts. There will be more home content for sure, and I've gotten my hands on a bunch of new beauty launches. So stay tuned for more details!