Hidden Beauty: Trader Joe's

I love Trader Joe's! But really, who doesn't? And I'm always amazed at the quality for the price. Ever tried the smoked salmon dip? Warning you now, it's addicting.

So we all know to go to TJ's for the food, but did you know that Trader Joe's secretly has an awesome (and super affordable!) beauty section? Well, they do. And you should be pretty excited about it. 

Keep reading for a few of my favorite finds...


Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion ($3.99)

Yes, you read the price correctly. If you are looking for a basic, no-frills daily moisturizer, you've found it. Fragrance free and enriched with antioxidants, this moisturizer doesn't feel greasy or aggravate my acne-prone skin. I should note that the SPF 15 doesn't quite cut it for me (derms widely suggest using at least SPF 30 for everyday use), but for this price it's no splurge to pair with your usual go-to SPF. This moisturizer actually reminds me a lot of Olay's Complete All Day Moisturizer (but for half the price!).

Moisturizing Cream Shave ($3.49)

This stuff smells awesome (think piña colada), and it's wonderfully moisturizing! The vitamin E is soothing, which is exactly what you want when there's a razor involved. And just like everything else at TJ's, you get quite a bit of product for the price. After discovering this, I don't know why I'd turn to any other shave cream again. 

Lavender Salt Scrub ($5.99)

Could I probably make something that resembles this in my kitchen? Yes. But is it a lot easier to buy it? YES! Like other natural scrubs, this one will leave a layer of oil behind (leaves skin feeling super soft!), so if you're looking for something that rinses clean, you'll want to pass. Side note: use a bit of caution because all that nourishing oil will make the bottom of your shower slick!

Frequent shopper of TJ's beauty section already? What treasures have you found?