4 Things I Learned About Wedding Planning In The First Month Of Engagement


So this happened last month...

And then I went MIA on the blog for a bit. Sorry about that! It's insane what a whirlwind the first few weeks are after he pops the question. One minute you're trying to mentally process that he's on his knee, and the next minute people are asking if you've set a date. Like literally the very next moment. I can't tell you how many people asked me when we were going to get married that first 24 hours after becoming engaged.

Then sometime shortly after processing that he really was down on one knee and discussing your ideal date, you realize that you need to book your major vendors asap. And then there's champagne. And toasts. And wine...lots of wine. Hence the whirlwind.

So I just dove right in. And I'm still diving. More to come I'm sure, but here are four things I've learned in the first month of being engaged.

Accept help. Let's face it...I'm thirty years old, and I've been doing this whole adulting thing for a while now. I got this. Or so I thought. A wedding is a freaking big endeavor with a whole lot of little details. If you're lucky enough to have people willing to help, take it. At first I wanted to run with everything. Now I'm all about dishing tasks out...big thanks to Mom and Dad!


Go with your gut. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone will give it to you. Many will be super helpful, some will be repetitive, and others may just require a forced smile and a nod. The hardest, though, is when you continue to get suggestions after you've already made a decision (it was hard enough to be decisive in the first place!). So when Jenny's first cousin's sister used so-and-so photographer and they were the greatest thing since sliced bread, just let it go. You booked yours, and you're not missing out. Trust your gut and move on.

This sh*t is expensive. Like woah. And as much as I wanted to just go forth and pick things out, I learned that it's important to understand what percentage each category typically takes up out of the entire wedding budget. The Knot has a super helpful budget breakdown here! You're not going to pick out everything at once, so you need to have your eye on the bigger picture with each step. And then give it a little room to grow...because Pinterest. But for real, I'm already saving for my kids' weddings.

Lean on your tribe. There will be hiccups along the way, and things that shouldn't be stressful will seem like a major ordeal. Seriously, I'm only a month or so in, and I'm shocked (embarrassed?) by some of the things that have stressed me out the past few weeks. In the end, it's a wedding...and weddings are fun. So surround yourself with people who are as excited about your wedding as you are and give them the scoop. And then drink some wine with them. Because wine makes everything better.