Winter Skin Woes



Chicago may have originally been named the Windy City because of its politicians, but spend any time outside and you know why the name has stuck. Living lakeside is beautiful, but it's harsh out there! And let's just say, my skin is not happy about it.

As your typical beauty junkie, I have an arsenal of products geared towards normalizing dry skin on my face, but I was at a loss this winter trying to figure out what to do with my hands. For some reason, it's worse this year than it has been in the past. At the start of winter, my hands turned dry, rough, and nearly cracked at the knuckles; it's not pretty. My usual, dainty hand creams just weren't cutting it. I also get annoyed applying overly-scented lotions multiple times a day. (Ok, really I just get self-conscious of the people around me getting annoyed if I apply overly-scented lotions multiple times a day...)

So I needed something fragrance free and heavy-freakin-duty. Not really sure what prompted me, but one day I decided to try O'Keeffe's Working Hands, and I'm so glad I did. It's not the most glamorous packaging in the world (understatement), but there's nothing dainty about the formula either. This stuff works!! It's the high level of glycerin in the formula that does the trick. Gylcerin is hygroscopic, which means it can actually pull water in from the air. Glycerin is also the second ingredient listed on the label (after water), so there's a whole lot of it in here. (Cosmetic Product Label 101: Ingredients that make up more than 1% of a formula are always listed on the label in descending order of concentration. Ingredients that make up less than 1% of a formula are listed in any order after the big ones.)

You really don't need much of this stuff to see a difference, and it absorbs quickly if you use a small amount. Seriously, don't go overboard; It will get a bit sticky if you try using too much at once. I've used it on my elbows and knees as well, and I finally think I can say that I've found a way to combat winter dryness. 

Now that I've solved one problem, it's time to tackle getting my feet ready for sandals season. The sunshine has to return at some point, right? Fortunately, O'Keeffe's also makes a foot version of their magical moisturizer, so I'll be putting it to the test!