Big weekend coming up here in Chicago...the Air & Water show!  If you're making your way down to the beach, you can check out all the official details here. Or post up on a lakefront rooftop for the most spectacular sights (and sounds) of the summer.

Be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen (check out my newest SPF fave here), and re-apply frequently. You'll also want to pack for the day because you never know when the morning's festivities will carry-on well past sunset. And remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


Who says you have to spend big bucks to see real results when it comes to beauty? Way back in the day I wrote a post about some of my favorite drugstore makeup (you can check it out here) and the amazingness that is the Walgreens Look Boutique (check that one out here). This time, let's focus on my favorite beauty topic: skincare!

Over the past year or so, there has been a real boom in quality skincare at the drugstore. It does tend to come at the expense of higher price tags ($50 for drugstore eye cream is just insane), but you can still find some great products at reasonable price points with the convenience (and coupons!) that make up the drugstore experience.


How has it been a month since the wedding?! Time is really flying, and we're working on slowly easing ourselves back into "normal" life. We learned a whole lot in the process of planning our wedding (read more about that here), and we really lucked out with the fantastic travel agency we found to help plan our Italian honeymoon.

Tip: We left for Italy a few days after the wedding. I highly recommend giving yourself at least a full day between out-of-town guests departing and jet-setting off to paradise. You are going to need time to recharge and repack after the craziness of the wedding weekend.